Another personal website.

Hi, Natasha.

About ʼcos this is all I got right now

Hereʼs the deal. For a while now Iʼve been beating myself up about the things I want to master. And, for a while now Iʼve done nearly nothing—certainly nothing structured nor methodical—to accomplish even a level of ineptitude, let alone mastery. Until a couple of weeks ago, I listened to a couple episodes of the Manager Tools podcast about calendaring priorities, scheduling priorities before noon, and not allowing too much free time to creep into your calendar. Great shit. Really great shit.

It forced me to see that unless you dedicate time to it, it cannot be done. Everything takes time to do. Time and energy. Itʼs all we have, and we donʼt get it back. I donʼt mean to drool hackneyed time management slop, but think about. Itʼs true, and youʼre too afraid of your own mortality to face it. Pussy.

But, like all stories in which the main character is given a short, finite amount of time to live, the more you know about your time, the more urgent some things become. So here is my plan. I figure that if I keep my intentions, and progress towards those intentions, public, I can lock into some kind of self-generating accountability.

So, poor you, who somehow wandered onto this site and read this far. “What the fuck are you interested in anyway?” you ask. Great question, you foul-mouthed son of a bitch. Here they are ... my big aspirations, kinda in order, but only in an order that is relevant right this second.

  • Wine
  • JavaScript
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Swimming
  • Bootstrap
  • Sublime Text
  • Git
  • Node.js

And when I wrote “in an order that is relevant right this second,” I was taking a drink of Reisling on a warm, Whittier evening. It seemed like the honest thing to do.

Iʼve other interests, as well, that might creep in periodically, like writing, anarchism, Excel,, Apex, user experience, data visualization, NLP, my dog, Fox, GTD, scuba diving, situanionists, going to therapy, sex, Apttus CPQ. ... Weird. Right after mentioning “sex,” I added “Apttus.” Weird. If you donʼt know what / who Apttus is, follow the link.

The Plan

Allow me to take each of the aspirations, hereunder referred to as “projects,” one by one and propose my approach for each.


Drink a bunch. And use Do they have an API? I could incorporate my reviews and friends into this site. Cool beginner project for coding, but not for learning about wine. I donʼt really have a curriculum for this. Any wine fucks want to help me put together a plan for this? O!, who am I kidding? The right fucks arenʼt reading this. Iʼm sure.


Follow (Sexy)ʼs How To Learn JavaScript Properly curriculum to a tee.

Business Process Modeling

Complete this certification. I need to see if my company will back me up.


I just need to hit the pool. For the record, thanks to Total Immersion I can swim at all. And, Brendon Reutebach is the best swim coach ever.


Iʼm going to handcode this site using Bootstrap. I love Bootstrap. I need to commit it to muscle memory.

Sublime Text

Same thing about muscle memory. Iʼm using it now. So powerful. So sexy. So much you can customize. So much you can make work for you. I want to be able to customize it, and use it like ... like ... like something I have super mastery with.


Git is just a good thing to understand. I will be pushing updates of this site using a git hook that publishes my edits. Why wouldnʼt you want to keep track of shit?


At the bottom of the list. Javascript first. But then, (Sexy)ʼs Learn Node.js Completely and With Confidenc.

OK. So, I finished this bottle of wine. My wife is waiting for me to play cribbage. She always fucking wins. Some friends are dropping in soon.